Vietnam textile manufacturers and things you need to know

Vietnam textile manufacturers have worked with a lot of big clothing brands around the world, such as Zara, Nike, Uniqlo,… This article will bring you all the necessary, must-know information about Vietnamese clothing producers. 

Vietnam textile manufacturers’ capacity to supply the global market

Vietnamese textile manufacturers are becoming more competitive on the international market and are exporting more of their goods to more nations.

  • From the northern part to the southern part of the country, there are more than 5000 textile factories in Vietnam. There are 600-person factories that can produce 12 different product codes simultaneously. Frequently, the available space and labour only let the development of 2 or 3 item codes. Due to these advantages, Vietnam textile manufacturers are the best to choose from when making a purchase for textiles.
  • Vietnam textile manufacturers are highly skilled, have cutting-edge machinery, and strictly adhere to the manufacturing schedules and procedures. 
  • With exports to 66 nations and territories, Vietnam’s apparel industry surpasses Bangladesh to climb up to second place after China in the global export rankings. The US, China, EU, and Japan are Vietnam’s top export markets, accounting for more than 75% of all export revenues.

Vietnam textile market is growing fast for the past few years

Vietnam textile manufacturers are starting to dominate the global textile market by producing high-quality products in a variety of designs and selling them for affordable costs.

The benefits of Vietnam textile manufacturers in the international textile market 

The benefits of exporting garments to the international market are numerous for Vietnamese textile makers. Vietnam has a long history of producing textiles. It also contains a lot of inexpensive raw resources, knowledgeable labor, and cutting-edge machinery. Additionally, the Vietnamese government provides tax breaks and other advantageous policies to Vietnam textile manufacturers who sell their goods abroad.

Vietnam textile manufacturers have access to low-cost, excellent raw materials

Vietnam has an extensive heritage in the textile sector and a plentiful supply of native raw materials. China, the world’s largest provider of fabrics, is near Vietnam. As a result, Vietnam’s textile industry has access to low-cost, premium raw materials.

  • Along with a wealth of fabric raw materials, Vietnam has numerous well-known traditional artisan towns.
  • Because China, which has the greatest source of material for fabrics in the world, is right next door and because the two nations have a significant and strong trade relationship, Vietnam textile manufacturers use cheap raw materials.

The aforementioned facts assist Vietnam’s textile producers in monitoring and selecting their inputs with care, resulting in consistently finest final goods.

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Vietnam textile manufacturers offer affordable costs

Vietnamese textile manufacturers are renowned for providing high quality at affordable prices. 

  • Vietnam’s textile industry has access to inexpensive and plentiful raw materials. The raw materials and accessories production for Vietnam’s textile industry is cheap, and input supply is reliable. Given that their production expenses are cheaper compared to those in other countries, this is one of the explanations why Vietnam textile manufacturers can offer products at reasonable prices.
  • Vietnam has a sizable young population, a vast labor pool, and low costs for labor. Vietnam textile manufacturers can offer goods of outstanding quality at reasonable prices due to labor and production costs.
  • The Vietnamese government has consistently provided support to textile and apparel producers. On any raw materials that are imported, textile firms in Vietnam are not required to pay import taxes. Vietnam has been a party to numerous agreements on free trade, which give textile producers substantial tax breaks when they import goods from Vietnam. When compared to other nations in the garment industry, it lowers manufacturing costs and improves competitiveness.

Vietnam textile manufacturers are establishing their place in the textile and garment sector by providing high-quality goods at reasonable prices.

Vietnam textile manufacturers use cutting-edge equipment and technologies

To provide the best products for the market, Vietnamese textile manufacturers follow strict standards of quality and manufacturing practices. Modern equipment and tools are used by Vietnam textile manufacturers to boost output and raise the standard of their products.

  • Vietnam has a long tradition of producing textiles, so its textile manufacturers constantly update their products with new technologies.
  • Since the Vietnamese textile industry is so vital to the nation’s economy, the government of Vietnam consistently emphasizes the need to expand and improve the technology and machinery utilized by Vietnamese textile manufacturers.
  • To keep up with the significant amount of specialization in the sector, Vietnam textile manufacturers invest in specialized equipment and technologies.

Vietnam textile manufacturers own advanced equipments

Due to the development and use of technological innovations and the digitalization of production, customers now do not need to physically visit a Vietnamese clothes factory to inspect the product; instead, they can do so online.

Vietnam has competent labor for textile producers

Over 2.5 million individuals, or over 25 percent of the total workforce in the manufacturing and processing industries, are employed by textile producers in Vietnam today. Vietnamese people are recognized for their rigorous attention to detail and diligent work habits.

  • Vietnam textile manufacturers employ highly competent workers. Vietnam has a long history of producing clothing, and the older generations have an enormous amount of knowledge to pass on to the younger ones. Large craft towns were also established very early, assisting people in getting access to expertly made textiles.
  • Vietnam has a sizable workforce, which, along with the country’s high youth population, results in low labor costs. Although workers in Vietnam textile manufacturers are paid a pittance, they are highly skilled and have received extensive training.

Vietnam textile manufacturers always employ well-trained, knowledgeable workers to create high-quality goods.

Suggestions for bargaining with Vietnam textile manufacturers to achieve a fair deal

One of the most crucial phases for each retailer is contract negotiation with suppliers. However, because they lack the experience and courage to bargain, many who have just started out find this to be a very challenging assignment.

  • Selection of Vietnam textile manufacturers: The first thing you need to understand is that the goods and services you will soon acquire are precisely what your clients will get. As no one wants to miss their clients, be careful while selecting your Vietnam textile manufacturers. Your best ally will be a reputable, skilled, and competent Vietnam textile producer who will help you win over your clients.
  • Never accept a Vietnam textile manufacturers’ first offer: The other person acknowledges that it might be challenging to decline a final offer, particularly after you’ve been in contact for a long time and are on the verge of giving up. You’ll be compelled by this to cling on to your accomplishments. After that is finished, negotiate well and keep in mind not to commit too hastily.
  • Quality and cost: When haggling with Vietnam textile manufacturers, always be ready for a different option that will boost your confidence. Occasionally, you need to feel sorry for the vendor if the prices that they are offering are quite excessive since you should keep in mind that quality and pricing go along. Above everything else, keep in mind that superiority ought to consistently come first.

Vietnam textile manufacturers is a great choice of business partner

You’ll undoubtedly see from what’s listed above that a few of the actions call for specialized knowledge or abilities. They primarily result from your preparation and paying close attention to the things your partner reveals to you when you’re doing it. If you heed this advice, your talks will probably end more favorably, and you’ll learn more about the Vietnam textile manufacturers you work with.

Some suggestions for reliable Vietnam textile manufacturers

The following list of trustworthy Vietnam clothing manufacturers is based on evaluations of the worth and caliber of the items made by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and by customers.

Vina Z Garment – One of the most dependable Vietnam textile manufacturers

One of the largest and most reputable Vietnam textile manufacturers, Vina Z Garment, is famous for producing finest garments for clients all over the world. Because of its many years of industry experience, Vinaz Garment has established an image as a trustworthy and reliable partner for businesses searching for top-notch garment production services. This is also one of the top reliable wholesale clothing manufacturers you can choose for your business.

The company is dedicated to providing high-quality products and has state-of-the-art facilities, specialists, and employees. Vina Z Garment is a business that specializes in numerous clothing types, such as formal wear, sportswear, casual wear, and more. They offer a wide range of services and ensure that every piece of clothing is made to the highest standards possible, from prototype and design to manufacturing and inspection for quality.


Vinatex, also known as the Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group, was established in 1995 and has been in business ever since. 120 units with 80,000 members from Vietnamese apparel and textile enterprises make up their membership structure.

Vinatex was certified as a state-owned enterprise in 2005, which means that the government has complete control over production, trade, money, and technology. According to Vinatex 2020 research, export sales will reach $2.9 billion in 2019.

May 10: Another choice for Vietnam textile manufacturers

The Vietnamese textile and garment industry is regularly led by May 10, often known as Garment Corporation 10, one of the most famous Vietnam textile manufacturers. After more than 70 years of development and production, the fashion goods produced by May 10 have been distributed to the fashion marketplaces of the US, EU, Canada and Japan.

One of the leading Vietnam textile manufacturers is TNG.

This company has constantly upheld the fundamental principles of its users during its 42 years in business since its founding in 1979, ensured commercial integrity, and placed a high priority on environmental conservation. The major goods produced by TNG include cotton bedding, business clothes, and life jackets.

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