Choosing Vietnam clothing manufacturers for your business

Manufacturers from all over the world compete fiercely in the wholesale clothing market. Vietnam clothing manufacturers stand out in this market because of their extraordinary strengths relating to quality and cost, offering major commercial potential. 

Some outstanding features of Vietnam clothing manufacturers

There are many benefits to the Vietnamese clothing industry’s ability to provide the global market with clothing goods. Vietnam garment producers combine cutting-edge machinery, skilled labor, and inexpensive raw materials to make and provide high-quality goods at affordable prices.

Vietnam clothing manufacturers have access to low-cost, finest raw materials

Vietnam has a long history in the clothing industry and has a wealth of indigenous raw materials. Besides, due to its proximity to China, the largest producer of fabrics, Vietnam clothing manufacturers have access to low-cost, excellent raw materials.

  • Vietnam is a nation with an abundance of textile-related raw resources and numerous renowned traditional craft towns. 
  • Vietnam is a country which is located near China, a nation with a prosperous economic connection, the materials used to make clothing there are very inexpensive. As so, Vietnam clothing manufacturers can widen their raw materials resources related to textile. 

With the aforementioned factors, Vietnamese garment producers are able to pick and regulate the raw materials, producing the finest goods.

Vietnam clothing manufacturers employ qualified individuals.

The staff of Vietnam clothing manufacturers are all skilled workers with rich experience and carefulness. They are an important factor contributing to the creation of Vietnam high quality textile goods that are exported around the world.

  • After China, Vietnam is Asia’s top producer of clothing. There are roughly 6,000 businesses in Vietnam’s textile and apparel sector, which employs about 2.5 million people, making up 25% of all workers in the manufacturing and processing sector. Vietnamese people are renowned for their diligence and precision. 
  • Workers in Vietnam clothing manufacturers are highly skilled. Known for having a very long history in the textile business, the older Vietnamese generations got a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass on to the next generations. The nation also established big craft villages really early, giving workers access to a skilled and early textile vocation.
  • Vietnam has a large proportion of young people and a large labor pool, hence labor costs are low. Workers in Vietnam’s clothes factories earn poor wages, but they are trained very well and possess high levels of competence.

Vietnam clothing manufacturers provide you with the best products

Workers in Vietnam’s clothes factories are consistently well-trained and possess the knowledge necessary to produce goods of the highest caliber.

Vietnam clothing manufacturers use cutting-edge equipment.

To produce the best products for the market, the clothing industry in Vietnam employs intricate production procedures and stringent quality control. Advanced machinery and equipment are used by Vietnam clothing manufacturers to increase labor productivity and quality of product. 

  • Because of the country’s lengthy history, garment producers there frequently update their equipment.
  • Since the production of clothes is a significant and important sector of Vietnam’s economy, the government consistently prioritizes, promotes, and focuses on the technologies and equipment employed by Vietnam clothing manufacturers.
  • Vietnamese garment producers invest in machinery and equipment to apply specialization because of the high level of specialization.

With the development and use of technology in manufacturing, business partners no longer need to visit any Vietnam clothing manufacturers in order to examine the product in person; instead, they can do so online.

Size and scope of Vietnam clothing manufacturers’ production

Vietnamese garment producers have a significant global market share and work with numerous well-known brands. This also creates a good reputation for Vietnam clothing manufacturers worldwide. That’s why many business partners have chosen them.

  • There are currently more than five thousands Vietnamese clothing producers located from the North to the South of the country. Foreign business partners will have many options to cooperate with Vietnam clothing manufacturers.
  • Vietnamese makers of apparel have high expertise, well furnished with tools and machinery, and production stages and procedures are meticulously adhered to.
  • Vietnam’s garment sector exports to more than 60 nations and territories,  and takes second place behind China in the global export rankings. Major markets including the US, EU, China and Japan are Vietnam’s top export destinations, accounting for more than 75% of total export revenue. 
  • Vietnam clothing manufacturers have been selected as supply partners for major fashion/sports brands such as Uniqlo, Nike, Puma, Adidas, etc. The cooperation with such long-standing brands shows the level of prestige of Vietnam’s garment manufacturers.

Vietnam clothing manufacturers are in top 2 in global textile sector

Large Vietnam clothing manufacturers are able to create tens of thousands to thousands of thousands of pieces daily. Quality is consistently ensured to give clients wonderful experiences as performance gets better and better.

How to locate trustworthy Vietnam clothing manufacturers

You can locate the top Vietnam apparel manufacturers with the help of the government or advanced Internet technologies.

Using the government to locate the top Vietnam clothing manufacturers

Through government portals, you can hunt for apparel manufacturers in Vietnam. A Vietnam-based apparel firm that has been subject to government censorship is certified for large-scale exports due to the caliber and scale of their output. How to find a clothing manufacturer for your business? The Vietnam government releases a list of the top Vietnam clothing manufacturers each year, along with a list of assessments of the compliance of apparel products. 

Businesses can benefit greatly from this resource. To learn more about typical enterprises in each industry and make a decision based on that knowledge, you may also visit the corporate information websites of the government.

Using the Internet to find the best Vietnam clothing manufacturers

Utilizing social media platforms and search engines can help businesses to locate Vietnam clothes producers.

  • You can search for terms like “reliable Vietnam clothing manufacturers, big Vietnam clothing factories, apparel manufacturers in Vietnam, top Vietnam clothing manufacturers” on Google or Facebook,… Except for websites that run adverts, the top results are often trustworthy producers. 
  • The websites of Vietnam clothing manufacturers that provide detailed information, such as company details, price lists, size charts, services and related policies, should be open and easy to understand.
  • Social network platforms and forums for wholesale garments can be used to find client reviews of Vietnamese apparel producers. However, you should exercise caution when working with Vietnam clothing manufacturers who have excessively positive ratings or who have received no complaints, as they might hire reviewers. You ought to select a Vietnam clothing manufacturer with 80% or more positive evaluations.
  • Have a list of the questions you want to answer by the Vietnam clothing manufacturers’ sales administrators, such as those on the fabrics, return procedures and production process. Even the most demanding of your questions will be answered by reputable Vietnam clothes manufacturers.

You can find a Vietnam clothing manufacturer which is suitable for your business by using the aforementioned suggestions.

A few notes to have when you working with Vietnam clothing manufacturers

You will need to carefully learn a few notes about items, product quantity, contracts, and associated words when working with Vietnam clothes manufacturers. 

  • To begin working with Vietnam clothing manufacturers, it is important to understand their stances and commitments. Professional Vietnam clothes manufacturers would typically give clear recommendations on the service. Therefore, feel free to ask questions for a thorough response. 
  • The two parties must concur on the design before the order can be placed. You can give the tailor ideas, submit examples, and provide specific instructions so that Vietnam clothing manufacturers can create the item, recommend materials, and issue an estimate. 
  • You should describe the quantity and sizes of certain products and request to see the tailor’s standard sizing table.
  • You will pay a deposit to the Vietnam clothing manufacturer so that they can begin executing your order once you have completed the design, decided on the quantity of products, and agreed upon the commitments. To prevent risks or disputes in the future, you should request a detailed operating contract and review it carefully before signing. 
  • You shouldn’t put too much faith in any wholesale clothing manufacturers, particularly if you have a lot of orders or demanding processing needs. Checking orders frequently to guarantee progress and sewing quality is a must. When you first receive the products, you should carefully check the item before paying. 

Vietnam clothing manufacturers are potential business partners

A list of reputed Vietnam clothing manufacturers

The list of reliable Vietnam clothing producers is provided below, and it is based on the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s and consumers’ assessments of the products’ value and quality.

Vina Z Garment – One of the most reliable Vietnam clothing manufacturers

Vina Z Garment is renowned for creating high-quality outfits for customers around the world. Vinaz Garment has built a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy partner for companies looking for excellent apparel production services because of its years of experience in the field.

Vina Z Garment is one of the top Vietnam textile manufacturers you can work with. The business has cutting-edge facilities and qualified experts and workers that are committed to producing top-quality goods. Vina Z Garment is a company that specializes in a variety of garments, including formal attire, sportswear, casual wear,… They provide a comprehensive range of services, guaranteeing that each garment meets the greatest standards of craftsmanship, from design and prototype through production and quality control.


The Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group, or Vinatex, was founded in 1995 and has been in operation for 26 years. Their membership system includes 120 units with 80000 people from Vietnamese textile and clothing businesses. 

Vinatex was recognized as a state-owned company in 2005, meaning that the administration directly controls production, commerce, finances, and technology. The Vinatex 2020 research estimates that export revenue will total 2,9 billion USD in 2019.

May 10 – Another option of Vietnam apparel producers 

May 10, or Garment Corporation 10, is a company that consistently places at the top of the textile and apparel sector in Vietnam. The fashion goods created by May 10 have been exported to the EU, US, Japan, and Canada fashion markets after more than 70 years of creation and development.

TNG – One of the top Vietnam clothing manufacturers

In its 42 years of operation from its founding in 1979, this company has consistently upheld its users’ basic values, ensured business ethics, and put a strong emphasis on environmental conservation. Life jackets, business attire, cotton sheets, and other items are the main products of TNG.

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